Mental Health Awareness Week at BU

Posted on Friday, October 11 2013

Paul Scates and Andrew Mayers at Mental Health Awareness Week at BU

Bournemouth University participated in World Mental Health Awareness week by hosting a number of guest lectures and events, hoping to inform people and raise awareness of mental health.

Events included talks about the representation of mental health in the media (hosted by Paul Scates and Dr Andrew Mayers – pictured) and a presentation of a series of films created to highlight the importance of mental health awareness.

Dr Ciarán Newell, associate director of nursing for eating disorders at NHS Dorset healthcare service, delivered a lecture at Bournemouth University titled ‘Eating Disorders Myths and Truths’. Newell’s lecture considered the myths, causes and treatment options for eating disorders and how to help someone overcome the illness.

Newell commented, “I hope people leave with a better understanding of what eating disorders are and not buy into myths”. He is referring to popular misconceptions many people have about eating disorders and emphasised how common they are in society.

The events were run in partnership with Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset Mental Health Forum, Richmond Fellowship and Borough of Poole.

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