BU in the Independent on Sunday and The i Paper

Posted on Wednesday, October 9 2013

Emma Kavanagh, a lecturer in sport psychology and coaching sciences at BU, gave her comment in an article in The i Paper about the shift towards masters-level study in the sports science field.

Kavanagh said “there is definitely a shift towards masters-level study. Sport Science accreditation for example, relies upon completing a master’s programme, and increasing the numbers of performance coaching roles requires a higher level qualification”.

She goes on to add that growing specialisation in the sport and exercise industry is driving a demand for postgraduates in fields such as sport psychology, physiology, biomechanics and strength and conditioning.

The industry is rapidly expanding reflected by the rise in people studying for higher level qualifications and trying to stand out.

In an article in the Independent on Sunday, Yasmin Sekhon, Director of MBA’s at BU, offered advice to students who may be thinking of studying MBA’s in the future.

Speaking to journalist Russ Thorne, Yasmin said, “Students gain first-hand experience of juggling more than one task, listening where required and also having to work more intensely when approaching deadlines and submissions.”

By Peter Blackhall
2nd Year Student at Bournemouth University, BA Public Relations