Think Bright…Think Lights

Posted on Thursday, January 24 2013

Over the next few winter months, Bournemouth Police will be patrolling the local areas to ensure the safety of cyclists through their ‘Think Bright…Think Lights’ campaign and will be issuing fines to anyone that doesn’t comply.

It is now the law that bicycles are equipped with front and back lights and as road conditions have become more treacherous over the last few weeks, it’s more important than ever to make sure that cyclists can be seen by drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians.

At the discretion of the police officer handling the situation, they will either issue a £30 fine to anyone found in the local area without lights on their bikes or will issue a ticket, which gives the cyclist seven days to produce a receipt showing that they’ve bought a set of lights.

Another part of the initiative is to keep cyclists over the age of 16 off the pavements, to avoid dangerous collisions with pedestrians. Fines will also be issued for anyone found cycling on the pavements rather than the road.

For more on the ‘Think Bright…Think Lights’ initiative, please see the Dorset Police website.