BU gains European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award

Posted on Thursday, January 24 2013

Bournemouth University has been given a HR Excellence in Research Award by the European Commission.

The award recognises the work BU has already undertaken to improve the working conditions and career development of all its staff undertaking research, and the university’s ongoing commitment to this agenda.

Supporting the career development of all staff undertaking research is embedded in the BU2018 Strategic Plan and the University now has an externally approved action plan for strengthening and improving existing practices to EU standards.

BU is one of 11 universities to gain the award in January 2013, and there are now 72 organisations across the UK with the award, which also commits them to a programme of internal and external evaluation.

David Willetts MP, Minister for Universities and Science said: “Our world-class universities are once again leading the way.

“It is great news that another 11 UK universities have been awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award. It’s vital that the working conditions of researchers continue to improve because world-class science and research are the key to future economic growth.”