BU food expert featured on Wave 105

Posted on Thursday, January 10 2013

Dr Heather Hartwell, Associate Professor in food services and applied nutrition at Bournemouth University, was quoted in a news item on radio station Wave 105 looking at global food wastage.

An Institute of Mechanical Engineering study found that almost half of all food produced, amounting to billions of pounds, was being wasted each year due to poor storage and over purchasing.

Dr Hartwell, an expert in food studies, spoke in a recorded excerpt reproduced throughout the day to give her views on the news story.

Heather mentioned that the statistics may not be as accurate as we are led to believe as they could include items such as ‘chicken bones and potato peelings’ that are not widely eaten anyway.

Heather’s advice may also help to stop food wastage in future as she said, “People need to sit down on a Sunday and write a shopping list and stick to it and not be tempted by 2–for–1 offers so they don’t have to throw anything away.”