Professor Keith Brown appears in The Telegraph and Nursing Times

Posted on Tuesday, January 1 2013

Bournemouth University’s Professor Keith Brown was quoted in The Telegraph and the Nursing Times as he gave his opinions on the current state of nursing and social work.

Professor Brown, Director of the National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work at BU, wrote an article for the Opinion section of the Nursing Times, where he outlined the need for the culture of nursing and professional care to change in the wake of the Winterbourne View scandal.

The article, written by Keith, finished by stating, “It is time to stop making nurses the culprits in these abuse scandals. Instead, nurses must be given the skills to create transparent and safe cultures.”

In The Telegraph, Professor Brown continued on the subject and was quoted as saying, “I think that most people who come in to this line of work – whether it is nursing, social care, or in care homes – want to care but somehow it gets knocked out of them.”

“They end up in systems and structures that make them feel anxious or nervous, it might be the pressure of work or the culture of the organisation just setting inappropriate targets where you can measure the measurable but not the qualities of what it feels like.”

Keith was arguing for a change in culture within care professions that is birthed through resilience and the proper training that provides skills that encourage compassion.

For more information you can read The Telegraph article in full.