BU Forensic Science courses in The i newspaper

Posted on Thursday, December 6 2012

Alex Otto, demonstrator in forensic sciences at Bournemouth University, was featured in an article in The i newspaper about forensic science degree courses.

The article, by Russ Thorne, looks at how forensic science differs from the glossy representation shown on TV, and what students can expect from a forensic science course.

It mentions the specially built crime scene training centre at BU, which helps students to hone their investigative abilities while grounding them in toxicology, chemistry and molecular biology.

“We teach science with a forensic element making the course interesting and exciting,” said Alex.

But, she adds, students also learn other skills – such as problem-solving, working in a team and analytic skills – which can also lead to other career paths.

“We are not teaching students to become crime scene investigators or pure forensic scientists,” she said.

“We are teaching them science, which incorporates transferable skills that they can take into the work place.”