Sean Street on BBC Radio’s 90th Anniversary

Posted on Friday, November 30 2012

Bournemouth University’s Emeritus Professor of Radio Sean Street spoke expertly on several panels to analyse BBC’s radio broadcasting on the Anniversary of their 90th birthday.

Sean spoke to a number of local radio stations to give his thoughts on the BBC’s milestone and was also a guest on Radio 4’s World at One and BBC World Service’s Newshour.

Speaking on Newshour, and introduced as Britain’s first Professor of radio, Sean was asked about radio’s past; he said, “One of the major factors… in terms of radio is looking at a democratisation of culture, information and ideas. Before [the radio] there were things that certain classes of people did and didn’t do. People didn’t all have access to the same levels of culture. At a stroke, the coming of radio broke that barrier down.”

Sean Street also spoke to a number of local BBC stations including Merseyside, Bristol and Newcastle talking about the future of radio and radio’s place in UK culture.

You can listen to Sean’s appearance on Newshour.