BU’s Karen Fowler–Watt in The i Paper and The Independent

Posted on Wednesday, November 28 2012

Ian Burrell’s ‘Media on Monday’ feature in The i Paper, also in The Independent, focussed on the need for journalism students to evolve in the wake of this current precarious media climate.

BU’s Associate Dean in journalism and communication Karen Fowler–Watt quoted on her stance on the subject, while the feature outlined what BU are doing to help students prepare for the modern journalism world.

In the article, Burrell writes, “Quite simply, students cannot rely on traditional media owners anymore. Instead, they are having to evolve into a new type of animal, one with a fresh skill set and a different relationship to money and employers. This new breed could change the very nature of journalism.”

Karen Fowler–Watt said in the paper, “We have almost got to the point where [students] don’t know what their predecessors’ lives were like… [Students] are quite fired up about the prospect of having a freelance life.”

The papers also recorded some of the steps that BU are making in helping to prepare their students, stating, “At Bournemouth University, the blogger Fleet Street Fox was brought in to advise on building a social media profile, while freelancer Adam Lee–Potter was hired as a ‘Practitioner in Residence’ to give students tips in entrepreneurial journalism.”