BU’s US Election coverage is media success

Posted on Tuesday, November 13 2012

Hope FM broadcasts live radio coverage provided by Bournemouth University while BBC Radio Solent commissions students to create a news package.

Bournemouth University’s Media School students worked through the night to provide live television, radio and online coverage of the US presidential election race. The radio coverage was broadcast live on Hope FM, with students providing expert analysis, information and interviews for their listening audience.

Student Editor–in–Chief Oscar Tollast appeared on BBC Radio Solent as he was commissioned to create a news package for the breakfast show the following morning that focussed on the social media frenzy surrounding the election – and how social media has impacted this presidential election race.

As the package was played the next morning, Oscar was invited back to share his thoughts on the previous night. Oscar spoke to Breakfast presenter Julian Clegg shortly after finishing the 10 hour live broadcast, “It was an incredible experience. It was everything I could have hoped for. Our radio coverage was incredible and so professional. I was really proud of everyone involved in this project.”

Project co–creator and lecturer in Journalism and Communications at Bournemouth University, Ann Luce, was also invited onto the radio, speaking to Wave 105 about the project. Additionally, news stories about the media students also appeared on Fire and Jack FM radio stations.

For more information about the election coverage you can still visit the bespoke website.