Art and Language exhibition launched at BU

Posted on Thursday, November 1 2012

The relationship between art and language is the theme of a new exhibition at Bournemouth University.

The Art and Language installation was launched on Thursday, and will run in the Atrium Gallery, in Poole House, until mid-December.

The installation is part of two-year project, Evolution: Frink and the next generation, at BU, and also includes works in Poole House, Kimmeridge House, the Thomas Hardy Suite and the external grounds at Talbot Campus.

The exhibition has been put together by BU curator Julie Herring and Annette Ratuszniak, curator of the Frink Estate, and features illustrations for books by Elisabeth Frink, words cut into stone by Incisive Letterwork and imagist poems and sound sculpture film by Derek Shiel, among others.

“Some of the work is about the words and symbols of language, but it is also the language behind what an artist is trying to say in their work,” said Julie.

“The relationship between art and language is an important one and is particularly helpful in exploring the concept behind some of the artworks and the processes that people go through to get the results.

She added: “We are trying to encourage students, staff and members of the public to look a bit deeper into the art and what the artists are trying to express.”

Swanage-based artist Brian Graham has work on display as part of the installation.

His artwork combines archeological finds with imagery of museums, such as the Tate Modern and Imperial War Museum.

Brian, who works closely with BU and has received an honorary doctorate from the university, said: “I’m a local chap and it’s wonderful for my work to be on display at Bournemouth University.

“There’s a paucity of venues for visual arts in Poole and Dorset, so I think it is absolutely essential that there are places like this.”

Elisabeth Frink was a ground-breaking artist, who lived in Dorset for many years before her death in 1993.

Her art is known worldwide and Julie said that having her work on display at BU has generated a lot of interest.

“It is a really great coup for us to have her work, and the people who have visited have really enjoyed the exhibitions,” she said.

“Because Frink is a world-renowned name, people from all sorts of areas that may not have known about the university gallery have visited, which has been really good.

“It’s put the university on the map and has given us a really high quality show.”

The Art and Language exhibition will be on display until Saturday December 15, and is open to staff, students and the public.

The Atrium Gallery is open from 9am to 6pm Monday-Saturday and admission is free.