Peace One Day reaches Bournemouth University

Posted on Wednesday, September 26 2012

BU students joined together at Boscombe Beach on Friday 21 September to make a stand for Peace One Day (POD). The event helped to mark International Peace Day and the students were joined by BU’s Vice Chancellor John Vinney, who joined in the celebrations.

John Vinney made a pledge for peace on behalf of BU, while the Student’s Union officers unveiled a plaque to permanently signify the event in BU and Peace One Day history.

Students were also invited to paint their own ‘Peace Tees’ and celebrate the BU community.

Event organiser Jesse Banovic has founded the POD @ BU society, which will continue to share and strengthen the message of peace. She said, “Local action is key to promoting peace on any scale, be it local, national or international. We’re committed to promoting Peace One Day and its aims. We hope every University will be holding its own peace event to strive for a global coalition.”

The event’s success has already been noted and the BU team who organised the event have already been invited to run a workshop on their experiences of the POD campaign at the upcoming NUS Activism 2012 conference.

For more information about the international event you can view the Peace One Day website.