Business School lecturers at the RNLI

Posted on Monday, September 17 2012

Several members of Bournemouth University’s Business School delivered a session on marketing, fundraising and stakeholder management to a group of delegates at the RNLI Future Leaders in Lifesaving course.

Geli Roushan, Chris Chapleo and Julie Robson delivered an afternoon workshop which introduced the concept of marketing, outlined how and why consumer behaviour differs for individual consumers and across cultures and outlined ways to identify and manage stakeholders.

Lifesaving representatives from Senegal, Cameroon, Uganda, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Mauritius and the Philippines attended the event to receive training and support in a bid to reduce drowning incidents in these countries.

According to the RNLI, 1.2 million people drown around the world every year and many of these drowning incidents occurring in some of the world’s poorest countries, which have either very limited lifesaving services or none at all.

The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) created this course for an international market; designed to equip them with essential skills to run effective coastal lifesaving services in their home countries. The participants are from some of the countries which have been identified by the RNLI as priorities, based on their need.