Eating healthy – sorted

Posted on Friday, June 8 2012

After a discussion at the pub about their student eating habits, BU graduates Jamie Spafford, a Marketing graduate, Tom Hemsley, a TV Production graduate and a group of friends came up with the idea of creating affordable, but healthy food recipes to encourage young people to ditch the ready meals and fast food.

One of the group, Ben, was a professionally trained chef and was appalled when hearing of the food his mates were eating. He started to write them recipes for cheap healthy food on the beer mats in the pub for them.

When the boys took their beer mat recipe cards back to uni and tried them out, they discovered that they worked really well. More friends started to ask for food inspiration, and SORTED was born.

The recipes evolved from beer mats to being shown on their YouTube channel and website, with a cook book or two thrown in the middle.

Jamie Spafford, (Founder and Community Manager) for said: โ€œWhat makes SORTED special is that it was built up from just a group of friends, all using their individual skill sets – Barry photography, Ben cooking, Jamie marketing, Tom production etc.

โ€œWith this in mind, the Marketing course really helped provide both a theoretical and practical platform for me to base the SORTED marketing strategy on – whether it was testing theories learnt in the lecture hall on a growing online audience, or taking practical lessons learnt on my placement in Toyotaโ€™s marketing department and applying them to my own situation.โ€

The boys post a brand new video recipe everyday on the website, which contains a vast array of recipe ideas, everything from salmon en croute to profiteroles.